Employment Solicitors

Helping employers to avoid workplace disputes and to resolve them when they arise

As specialist employment law practitioners based in Dorset with clients throughout the South and South West of England, we help small and medium-sized employers achieve their business objectives within the framework of an ever changing landscape of employment regulation. There is a strong emphasis on taking appropriate preventative measures to ensure that workplace disputes do not arise or, if they do, that they are contained and resolved both swiftly and efficiently. Well drafted and comprehensive contracts, employment policies and procedures coupled with sound advice at an early stage can greatly reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the scope for staffing issues that can trigger costly and time-consuming legal proceedings. If such legal proceedings cannot be avoided, a deep personal commitment and the experience gained through many years in practice are available to assist our clients navigate their way through the complexities of employment tribunal and civil litigation with the minimum of pain and expense.


We understand how business works, and we know what makes employees tick.

Dealing With The Workplace Issues That Matter To You

Helping employees to resolve issues at work

Much of our lives is spent at work — it is important for all of us as individuals to feel safe in our working environment and to feel valued and respected. The law gives extensive protection to those who work for others but understanding just what pebblesthis involves and making the best and most cost-effective use of such protection can be a very daunting task. We explain in simple, straightforward language what our working clients need to know about their rights and obligations. We also offer practical and balanced advice on how best to resolve workplace disputes and to secure appropriate remedy when employment rights are denied. We represent employees and workers in employment tribunal and court proceedings. Whether advising on wage claims, whistle-blowing, discrimination, unfair dismissal, settlement agreements or a whole range of other issues that can arise in the course of working life, our aim is to ensure that our clients know exactly where they stand and are able to make informed and practical decisions that will help to resolve the issues on which they consult us.

A Word About Costs

The issue of legal costs is a sensitive one. Try to look at our advice as an investment. We always ask ourselves a simple question:

  • Can we justify the cost of the service we provide in terms of the overall results we hope to achieve?

An initial 10-15 minute conversation over the telephone, for which we do not charge, will usually serve to identify the issues and whether we can help. The number to ring is 01308 459 459 or we can be contacted online.