Protecting the rights of employees and workers and helping you understand your obligations.

Essential Employment Law Services Ltd advises individuals throughout the South West and the South of England on all aspects of employment law and offers practical help to resolve a wide range of work-related issues and disputes including advising individuals of their employee rights and obligations.

Employee rights and obligations

Whether you are a top executive in a large corporation, the most junior employee in a small firm or working in an entirely non-commercial environment, a clear understanding of your rights and obligations is vital to the success of the employment relationship with your employer. Those rights and obligations may not always be obvious and they may not always be fully respected. Whether you are an employee, a consultant, a nominally ‘self-employed’ agency worker or unsure of your employment status, there are times when independent legal advice is necessary to help you deal with work-related issues and to understand what you are entitled to expect of your employer.

Expert legal advice for employees

You might need help with a new contract of employment, for example, or you may be facing redundancy or experiencing discrimination or bullying in the workplace. You may be involved in disciplinary, grievance or capability proceedings or feel compelled to speak out about malpractice or dangers at work but fearful of the consequences of doing so. You may want to resolve an issue at work but still keep your job or, if this is not possible, to negotiate your exit under the terms of a settlement agreement. If an acceptable settlement cannot be achieved it may be necessary to think about looking to the courts or an employment tribunal for a remedy.

We can help you

All these issues have serious social, economic and legal implications that may be better understood and more effectively addressed with the benefit of expert legal guidance.

As employment lawyers our job is to explain where you stand legally, to let you know what your options may be and what these will involve and to offer advice on the best way forward. You decide how far you want us to act so if you are involved in legal proceedings or other dispute with your employer we can offer anything from ad hoc advice and support as and when required to full legal representation for the duration of your case.

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